Brainy Moms and Dr. Goldstein Podcast

Brainy Moms

In this episode of the Brainy Moms parenting podcast, Dr. Amy Moore and visiting co-host Sandra Zamalis interview the renowned Dr. Sam Goldstein, pediatric neuropsychologist and co-author of the book, Tenacity in Children: Nurturing the Seven Instincts for Lifetime Success. Watch to this episode ↗
Donna Seebo and Dr. Goldstein Podcast

The Donna Seebo Show

Why we have reached the point of thinking children are unable to handle the realities of life is amazing to me. Part of childhood experience is learning how to deal with and overcome challenges that are brought before us. As adults, one of our jobs is to teach tenacity, so our children as adults, will be able to go through the variables of life. We’ll be discussing how this can be done and how children will step up to the opportunity to develop this valuable skill. Listen to this episode ↗
Dr. Taz and Dr. Goldstein Podcast

Super Woman Wellness by Dr. Taz

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or just care about the next generation--this episode’s for you! Today Dr. Sam Goldstein, a neuropsychologist and child development author, joins Dr. Taz to talk about raising kids in a modern world. His expertise and research brings a fresh new take on what it means to raise a child into adulthood. Listen for tips on how to best encourage the kids in your life and how education is one of the strongest tools we can use for bringing up the next generation. Watch on Youtube ↗ Listen on Apple Podcasts ↗


Julia Adams was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at two years old. She has graduated from high school, and like many young adults with Autism, Julia and her family are now faced with an important question. What next? Julia found a passion early in life though and she has a goal. She wants to be an artist and illustrator. Dr. Sam Goldstein is an expert on Autism, and partnered with Julia to create a book called Billy and the Rock Hounds Watch Feature