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Journal of Attention Disorders (Oct 2021)

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Current Perspectives

Patterns of Health Services Use Before Age 1 in Children Later Diagnosed With ADHD

Meta-Analysis of Sex Differences in ADHD Symptoms and Associated Cognitive Deficits

Prevalence of ADHD Symptomatology in Adult Population in the Czech Republic–A National Study


Increased Behavioral Sensitivity to Repeated Experiences of Punishment in Children With ADHD: Experimental Studies Using the Matching Law

Reliability, Criterion and Concurrent Validity of the Farsi Translation of DIVA-5: A Semi-Structured Diagnostic Interview for Adults With ADHD

Dependent Stress Mediates the Relation Between ADHD Symptoms and Depression

Medication Decision Making Among African American Caregivers of Children With ADHD: A Review of the Literature

Do ADHD Symptoms and Relationship Quality With Mothers and Best Friends Across High School Predict Depressive Symptoms for Adolescents?

Response and Side Effects Using Stimulant Medication in Older Adults With ADHD: An Observational Archive Study

COMT by DRD3 Epistatic Interaction in Modulating Behaviors in Children with ADHD: A Pharmaco-Dynamic Behavioral Approach

Executive and Daily Life Functioning Influence the Relationship Between ADHD and Mood Symptoms in University Students

Research to Practice

The Contribution of Therapeutic Horseback Riding to the Improvement of Executive Functions and Self-Esteem Among Children With ADHD

Which Child Will Benefit From a Behavioral Intervention for ADHD? A Pilot Study to Predict Intervention Efficacy From Individual Reward Sensitivity

Mindfulness-Enhanced Behavioral Parent Training for Clinic-Referred Families of Children With ADHD: A Randomized Controlled Trial

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